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Press Release April 30, 2013


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Partial List

- Advisors, Supporters and those who Show Favor for the Single Issue Citizen Initiatives Strategy -


Dr. Robert G. Natelson, is one of America’s best-known constitutional scholars. He was formerly a tenured law professor and the top publisher on the University of Montana law faculty, where he taught, among other subjects, Constitutional Law, Constitutional History, Advanced Constitutional Law, and First Amendment.


He is a Senior Fellow “Constitutional Jurisprudence” at Independence Institute, Senior Fellow “Constitutional Jurisprudence” at Montana Policy Institute, Senior Fellow at the Goldwater Institute and advisor to American Legislative Exchange Council (ALEC). 


The University of Montana recognized his research achievements. These included dozens of major publications; pioneering the use of source material and discovering key facts about the Constitution previously overlooked; creating the first online guide to “originalist” research (now partly duplicated here); creating the Documentary History of the Ratification of the Montana Constitution; and in conjunction with his eldest daughter Rebecca, editing the first complete Internet versions of the Emperor Justinian’s great Roman law collection (in Latin).


There are several keys to Rob’s success as a scholar. Unlike most constitutional writers, he has academic training not merely in law or in history, but in both, as well as in the Latin classics that were the mainstay of Founding-Era education. He works hard to keep his historical investigations objective. He also has the benefit of lessons and habits learned in the “real world,” since he has practiced law in two states, run three businesses, and worked as a journalist and at other jobs as well. He created and hosted Montana’s first statewide commercial radio talk show; became the state’s best known political activist — leading, among other campaigns, the most successful petition-referendum drive in Montana history; and he helped push through several important pieces of state legislation.


In June 2000, Rob was the runner-up among five candidates in the party primaries for Governor of Montana.


Recreation? He loves to spend time in the great outdoors, where he particularly enjoys hiking and skiing with his wife and three daughters.


Charles M. Casper, after 30 years as a Trader on Wall Street, 20 years as a Senior Trader with Prudential, he retired as a Vice President of NASDAQ Trading.  Charles and his wife Karen have four sons and four grandchildrens. 


Michael J. Higgins, BA, BSW, MA has served as Director of Human Resources with Internet Business Malls, Inc. and Chairman of the Board at Yancey County Department of Social Services.  Michael has over 20 years experience as a Career Counselor. 


Richard Bolen, Attorney – Tax Policy, State and Federal Budgets, Transportation/Infrastructure, Social Conservative, Education, States Rights, Ethics Reform, Term Limits, Business Friendly Environment, Second Amendment Rights


Gene Simmons, National Debt Awareness Center (NDAC)


Roman Buhler, Co-Founder Balanced Budget Amendment Task Force


Michael Schwartz, Chief of Staff for Oklahoma U.S. Senator Tom Colburn, M.D., Conservative Political Action Committee (CPAC)


Le Templar, Director of Communications at Goldwater Institute:    “We have conducted extensive research on Article V of the United States Constitution and believe the States have a clear path for calling a convention for proposing specific amendments.”


Meghan Archer, Research Analyst, Tax and Fiscal Policy Task Force at American Legislative Exchange Council (ALEC) – reviewing Single Issue Amendment Citizen Initiatives strategy.


Todd Wynn, Director Energy, Environment and Agriculture Task Force at American Legislative Exchange Council (ALEC) – reviewing Single Issue Amendment Citizen Initiatives strategy.




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