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Press Release April 30, 2013


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   Charles Kacprowicz

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Text of Proposed

Parental Rights Amendment

ARTICLE 28 (or alternate number to be assigned by Congress)

Section 1.  It is the right of every American citizen to train up their children according to their conscience, faith and capabilities without interference from the State. The rights of parents and legal guardians to choose how they will raise their children are foundational to a free people.


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Section 2.  Parental Rights consists of the responsible exercise of parental authority over their children for their childrenís instruction, welfare, discipline, education and training.  Parental Rights include the authority to instill in their children good morals and values that properly respect the rights of others and that foster respect for Americaís unique heritage and history.   Parental Rights also include the authority to discipline their children with reasonable corporal punishment for the purpose of correcting wrong behavior.


Section 3.  The Article does not prevent the State from enforcing reasonable laws when it can be clearly shown that the wellbeing of children are at risk.   


Section 4.  To secure the rights of citizens the provisions of this Article shall govern Parental Rights policies for the United States of America.  Any elected government official who intentionally obstructs the enforcement of the provisions of this Article will have committed an impeachable offense and will be subject to criminal prosecution and upon conviction serve up to five years in prison. Any non elected government official, or an individual who has been appointed to a government position, who intentionally obstructs the enforcement of the provisions of this Article will have committed a criminal offense and upon conviction serve up to five years in prison.   Non government individuals and/or any private entities that intentionally obstruct the enforcement of this Article will have committed a criminal offense and upon conviction serve up to five years in prison.   The United States Department of Justice shall be charged with the responsibility for prosecuting violators of the provisions of this Article. Individual States shall have authority to prosecute violators under State laws in the absence of Department of Justice prosecution.


Section 5. To secure the rights of American citizens, Parental Rights shall not be denied any American parent or legal guardian within the United States which shall include the Several States, the District of Columbia, the Commonwealth of Puerto Rico, the Commonwealth of the Northern Mariana Islands and the territories and possessions of the United States.


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