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Press Release April 30, 2013


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We are focused on securing 34 State Legislature "Applications" directing Congress to convene the Article V

Countermand Amendment Convention

and Sovereignty Amendment Convention


The Countermand Amendment affirms and secures sovereignty in our Constitution, Nation and States.  It includes an Enforcement provision that empowers State Legislatures to prosecute intentional violators of the Article in the absence of Federal action.  States become partners in government, not subjects to Federal power.  State Legislatures are America’s final arbiters in all Constitutional matters.  


Partial Text of proposed 


ARTICLE 28 (or alternate number to be assigned by Congress)

"Section 1.  The Article restores State sovereignty in our Constitutional Republic by providing State Legislatures Countermand authority. 

 Section 2.  State Legislatures in the several States shall have the authority to Countermand and rescind any Congressional statute, Judicial decision, Executive Order, government agency’s regulatory ruling, or any other government mandate imposed on them when in the opinion of 60 percent of State Legislatures the law or ruling adversely affects their States’ interest.  When the Countermand threshold has been reached, the law or ruling shall be immediately and automatically nullified and repealed.  This Countermand authority shall also apply to existing laws and rulings. . . .

 Section 5.  Any elected or non-elected government official, or any non-government individual or organization, who intentionally obstructs or prevents the implementation of any provision in this Article shall have committed a criminal offense and shall be subject to impeachment (when applicable)and criminal prosecution and upon conviction serve up to five years in prison.

 Section 6.  Individual States shall have authority to prosecute violators of this Article under State laws in the absence of Federal prosecution after 90 days from the date of the alleged violation.  Multiple prosecutions, by multiple States, for the same alleged crime are prohibited.  . . . “


A Louisiana State Senator recently said on our national PNN Talk Radio Broadcast (Article V Legislative Round Table): “The Countermand Amendment is brilliant.”  18,200 radio  receivers were tuned in for two hours.  Undoubtedly there were many more listeners.   The Senator continued:   “The Countermand Amendment is able to solve just about every issue that covers an over expansive Federal government. “ 



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